Carlson Construction

At Carlson Construction, Inc., we have worked up a great name for ourselves by giving the highest quality service, great craftsmanship, and very reasonable pricing. We have been serving the town of Willmar since 1992 and have kept a good solid presence in the housing market even nowadays. A frontrunner in house building, we've constructed over 300 new homes, often using mezzanine floor suppliers from the UK, and are recognized across the States as one of the 100 biggest re-modeling firms in North America.

We create Executive, Step-Up and Starter Homes, as well as ensuring Remodeling and Insurance is also provided.

I have been interested in construction all my life and am greatful I can continue to find good work and earn enough food for my family. My father used to design cantilever racking systems for a living and so I have always been surrounded by designers. We have done some very prestigious work, including building a conservatory for the Mayor of Wilmar's home in the highlands of Wilmar. He was very kindly to us and made home made lemonade while we worked. Another contract was a large bar in the town centre which was tired of its musty atmosphere and old-fashioned country styling. We encouraged the owner to keep the rustic Midwestern feel but just spruce it up. And that's what we did. We built an extension and improved some of the foundations and constructions to allow the brick to breathe. We also re-floored the bar area with oak and put sawdust down so people coming in from the fields didn't slip.

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The process we undertake is to have a couple of lengthy collaborations with the owners of each building and compile a portfolio of ideas. We also look at the construction of the buildings from top to bottom to make sure we know how well it has been built and in what style. We then take the ideas away and come up with designs. During this second stage we will talk to the proprieters continually over the phone and send them detailed design ideas. Once the design is decided on we source the materials and quote the owners on how long the job will take. We work expertly and efficiently and love to see a job done well.